We are distribution partners for the territories of Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore for the Skyworks Hawk 5 aircraft as well as for American Autogyro Inc. and its’ SparrowHawk aircraft

The Hawk 5 gyroplane uses a free-spinning rotor to provide lift and an airplane engine for thrust. Utilizing an engine driven pre-rotation system while on the ground, the Hawk 5 is capable of jump take-offs, allowing take-off from almost anywhere. In flight, the unpowered rotor is always in autorotation, so in the unlikely event of an engine failure, the Hawk 5’s rotor would continue to spin providing a normal glidepath, keeping the pilot in complete control. Since it has no transmission or antitorque equipment, the Hawk 5 eliminates the flight risk, periodic maintenance, and lost business days associated with these systems, providing the owner greater safety, reliability, and lower costs. Coupled with the flying simplicity of fixed wing aircraft, the Hawk 5 is a true workhorse

The SparrowHawk III Quick-build Kit is a 2 seat, enclosed cockpit, aluminum frame, centerline thrust gyroplane with a wide (44″) molded fiberglass cabin – four inches wider than a Cessna 172, providing comfortable seating for individuals with up to 6’6″ in height and 240 lbs in weight.